A Different Dawn - Update 5

Hi Grumfy here!

The main development moment this week was - the combat system. When i started to write down the idea for this game project, i was very specific that i wanted an good warfare, meaning factors that actually was there, and not just health and damage. I tried to take key factors in a combat that would affect the outcome of it, that would interact with the countries economy, history, and education. 

The key factors is:

  1.  Knowledge of the look and topology of the terrain : well as it says, think about it in any moment if you don't know your surrounding, random things can occur and pop up and surprise you, the more you know the more you can the more you can prepare.
  2. Damage output : an artillery and a knife has two different damage outputs, meaning in size and wow factor.
  3. Morale : in a battle you need morale to know why you are there attacking or defending, the one unit with more belief that they are doing something good for their country and that country is good for them, means that they willing to die for the cause.
  4. Attack range : an artillery can kill from far away but stabbing/slashing requires close combat, and there is the range difference
  5. Past experiences : units with past experiences will know how hard and tough a battle can be, and they can anticipate what can occur during a battle.
  6. Strategic Knowledge : Units that train and educated themselves about different situation, in combat or non combat, knows what to do when different situation occur.

Here can you see the red unit battle the green unit, the green unit is the defender here and has good knowledge about the terrain it's in, and the red one is the attacker and is new to the terrain. All values is pretty much the same, the only factor that is key here is that the terrain knowledge. There is no buildings, no tech researched, no upgrades, just the units spawned and searched up each other to battle and this was the outcome(shown in the gif).

I've also animated the attack animations to the three brigade types i have for now.

Explorers again, but that's the animation for now, probably got to redo it soon.

Then the axemen, this one will also need some work on it, looks a little goofy but i works for now

Lastly the archers, this one is i most proud of, since it actually works that they are this far apart.

That's it for the progress i have done this week. I will start working on the conquering feature asap, and hopefully have it done by the next update.

Well if you read this far, thanks and goodbye!

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