A Different Dawn - Update 6(Borders and Bots)

Hi Grumfy here!

After last devlog, i went on with the next obstacle, the one i almost forgot - Conquer system, but i also got time starting developing the player bots.

The conquer system was almost fully in place in the first day, and it looked like this

and after some code and graphical tweaking, this is the result today(2017-12-01)

The expansion of the border is caused by right now by the tiles in a fixed radius around a unit, is sent and annexed by the units nation.

After i was happy with how the conquer system looked, i then started on the bots. It was very tricky at the beginning because i have never ever done a complex bot that does more than walk up to a player and attack where the distance is depending. 

The problem i had was that i knew that as a human player you just thought out how you want to play the game in your mind and that never being inputted in the computer, (sounds stupid and simple), so i thought that an artificial personality would help the decision making for the bot for each action every frame, so the artificial personality randomized a sequenced and slotted each priority(Education, Expansion, Relationships, Healthcare, Defense, Employment, Cultural) into the list, and after that you got a randomized sequence. But with that i got personalized sequence per nation, meaning the bots would question things differently and at different frames. After that i just added the if-statements and questioning i.e a few questions :

-  If a tile is bordering a free tile and can be coloinzed?

- If the nation can afford a education entity?

- How does the nations military compare to others nations?

- Is our healthcare acceptable?

I am still developing the bots so it's not completed yet, the only action i have completed for the bots is the colonizing one, so the bots just walks around in circle and colonize.

I also got time dealing with some UI for the Diplomacy

That's the progress i have done this week.

Thanks if you have read this far and good bye!

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